Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gorge Walking with Group 4 by Katie Haley

Early in the morning we got told what our activity was going to be.The activity was gorge walking. We all got our red waterproofs and jumped excitedly into the mini-bus. In the bus I sat next to Ellie. My group and I chatted and sang all the way to the gorge. Before long we were out of the minuscule mini-bus and starting up the tremendous gorge, hoping not to get our feet wet. All my group were up quite high up the gorge.

When we got to the keyhole,it looked quite easy because everyone else had got up, but when it was my turn I found it very hard and got tremendously wet. The whole group was drenched but we went all the way. At the end we decided to go back down the gorge instead of the path. The minibus was waiting at the side of the road for us to all hop in and go back to the center for us to get dry. Today was really exciting and adventurous, I liked sliding down the gorge at the end. Also I really enjoyed how Mrs Watson was with us all the time going through the gorgeous gorge. Sorry I have to go and get out of my soaking wet clothes,bye!!!!!! :) :) ;P

by Katie Haley

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