Tuesday, 13 March 2012

High Ropes By Jake

High ropes

Despite my slight fear of heights, I was really excited to do the high ropes this morning. The high ropes were really awesome, but never the less, we still had to drag our way through the low ropes. I’m not meaning to complain, the low ropes were also fun, however, all of my group were arguing over who wanted to go next rather than how to get over the obstacle. However slow the low ropes were we finally got onto the high ropes.

The moment we got into the park I immediately ran over to the biggest, tallest, most scary activity. You had to stand on a really big pole and jump towards a big swinging trapeze (with a safety harness). Before the first person had even got to the top, I quickly changed my mind and trotted over to the slightly easier activity. However, before I was even on the first rung, I was trembling with fear. No Matter how scared was, I managed to push on due to the support of the people on the ground. All together it was a really great experiance

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