Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Missing all the Fun by Iqbal

On Monday I didn't turn up so Tuesday I came back. I was sent with Hafsa and Ali hamza, well Abdur-rahman was off. First we went to Mr Howie's classroom, I felt so terrified because I don't know the children.  Although I had to get on with it. Mrs Tariq looked after us. We were told to go and help with the P4 Scot's Night practice. We did that  till break time. After  break we went to the P5  non skiers to do animation pictures on pieces of paper until lunch time. After lunch me Hafsa amd Ai hamza were told to help the P1s with their reading and how to use computers because it was their first time using technology so we had to help each person. I helped a person called Roscoe

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