Tuesday, 13 March 2012


A couple of weeks ago at roughly 1 to half 1 in the afternoon my group at Benmore [group 5] went off in one of Benmores mini buses to go Gorge walking. Before going up the gorge [at the bottom of the gorge] Angela our instructor showed us something we could do to make sure that the stone we were about to step on to was sturdy called the Elvis, when you put your first foot on the stone your about to step on to and say ohohu. Going up the gorge was quite stop start but also fun;

There were balancing logs [2 to be precise] to climb up and rocks to jump on and a really fun part of the gorge called the key hole. What it is, is that there’s small space for you to climb up and then (if your with an instructor) sometimes they pull you up. So that was fun, but there was something even more fun higher up the gorge... Sorry,I justlove using elipsis; so anyway there this part of the gorge where there is a dip of rocks where water filled up and then (if you or someone with you has some climbing equipment) can climb up some slippery and steep rocks;Not to mention the rock of Africa and the slide at the end! The rock of Africa is this rock that looks like Africa that you can choose to go under! The slide at the end is...well a slide at the end.

So this my blog for Benmore!

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  1. Bruno I'm sure this is you - it certainly sounds as if you have packed a lot in, but is the gorge walk really over a week ago already?
    M xxx
    oops, sorry, forgot to put in any of these....