Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Maeve Abseiling

Maeve - Abseiling On Wednesday 8Th of February Group 8 & I went Abseiling & Climbing. When we got there I stood outside gazing up at the horrendous heights of the 50 feet Abseil. Just then I wanted to get up the Abseil straight away. My instructor asked politely if anyone wanted to go on the practice Abseil. Without warning I pushed everyone out the way & told Thea that I wanted to do it. No one else looked as if they wanted to do it. Then Sasha stood forward. I sighed with relief because I certainly didn't want to do the practice Abseil myself. We headed up the leafy forest path to start the Abseil. Next we got into harnesses & Thea showed us how to untie our harnesses. She talked about the abseil & to take nice easy steps until it was time for one of us to go down. Sasha went first. A few minutes later it was my turn. I stepped backwards onto the cliff. I could feel the rock beneath my soles of my shoes. I went back a few steps & soon got used to it. I was going much faster now & soon enough I would reach the bottom. After I was on the ground & I had got out of my harness I played with Briea the dog until we had to go.

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