Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wicked Climb and Abseil

Today group 8 went climbing and abseiling. Although most groups took the minibus we walked to the fascinating natural cliff that was about a 5 minute walk from the center. The rock was split into to three bits a rocky bit (for climbing) a big space in the middle and a smaller space on the right (both for abseiling!). There was a bit in the middle went inwards so it would be quite difficult to go down.

When we arrived Thea (our instructor) and Jill (a climbing instructor) split us into two groups : people who wanted to climb first and people who wanted to abseil first. The majority of us wanted to climb first, including me. I was relishing the opportunity to climb an actual cliff. In addition to everyone wanting to climb first it took a long time until it came to my shot. Once I was hooked up to the harness I started to climb the rock. It was amazing! My hands didn't get cold so I was able to enjoy myself. Finally I got up and went all the way along to the other side of the cliff. There was a smaller abseil there that Thea said was practice. It was still exhilarating. When I got down, Roddy helped me get unhooked and send the rope back up the cliff.

After a while Thea came down as gracefully as a swan and asked if anybody wanted to do the massive abseil. I said yes as well as Roddy, Aidan, Anna and Charlotte. We walked up the side of the hill. There were some metal bars and lots of people sitting there. After five minutes it was my turn. Thea called me so I went down to her and got connected in. I started to go down. It was EPIC! When I got down I unclipped and sent it back up

A great day for Group 8 

By Joe 6C

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