Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Gorge Walk by olivia.p

Gorge Walk by olivia.o

There I was,about third last last in line for climbing what looked like an ever lasting mountain of doom. While waiting for my turn I noticed I was jammed between an unrealistcally funny situation when the instuctor ( Joseph) changes Joseph's name to Mark, forgetting Mr McKenna was there and his name was also Mark so he yelled at the top of his voice ( so it could reach the instructor at the top of the cliff)"Hey you can't give him my name!" So at the end he got called Simon.

As time edged closer to my turn the atmosphere around the ridged oversized rock I was sitting on grew more thunderous and fearless. Jampacked and overloaded by my own excitement I single-mindedly decided to stand.

 In addition to soon having a traitor rope hurled at my overwhelmed face,as I started to stagger up the cliff the remaining people humorously sang a song on how I was going to fall off and die ( as they had done for everyone else ). After a while of swiftly and safely hauling myself north, I finally reached the top. Also when it came to abseiling down, guess what? yet another line. DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Having been near the end ( again) I thought I'd have some time before I climbed down but nooooo the instructor asked me to sit at the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately for my revenge I decided to play the 'what if game.' I discovered that the only ghastly part of abseiling is only when one inch of your foot is on the cliff,your body is horizontal and the only thought roaming your head is you hurtling towards the ground. But past about one 6th down all thoughts erupts from your head, but i have to say the best part was over takingthe person infront of me!

So after a memorable, reckless, immense, energetic day we finally went home ( well to the benmore centre).

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