Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Climbing & Abseiling RUKA!!!!

Climbing and abseiling was everybody’s favourite activity. 
Firstly we drove to a little house by a white mini bus (that the instructor drove which was quite scary) which had lots of not just tall but colourful climbing walls. Group 7 had a very fun time playing musical climbing to jazz music. Everybody enjoyed their practice at the little house, but when we got to the cliff face that everybody were going to climb, lots of people were scared also terrified. Thanks to Ms Gallagher for playing follow the leader to make people laugh and stop them from being terrified. When people started climbing, there was a very puzzled part to climb. People waiting to climb were helping people that were stuck at the very annoying hard part by yelling, shouting or pointing which rock to put there leg on. According to the icy cold weather, many people made it to the top without being scared or terrified or frozen eventhogh, when they got to the line to do the abseiling, many people were half crying but some people were jumping up and down with excitement. Some people like Hannah and Olive were brave enough to jump down whilst abseiling.
Almost all the teacher that was there was cheering when people started to abseil.
I wish group 1 enjoyed there time with us group 7 at the cliff face!!!

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