Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gruesome Gorge Walking

PIT PAT PIT PAT the rain was bouncing of the dining room window we were having breakfast then the headteacher told us to go and do our chores we did our chores then we got told our activity 's ,ours was the wet and wonderful gorge walking our at least we thought it was wonderful at that time" get your waterproofs on and get into the van" said our instructor. we trundled along the bumpy road sudden We were soon bouncing up the stream using rocks and boulders as stepping stones . We came to a bit where the streambank was very steep and the water was too deep to wade through . Our instructor told us to grab on to the roots and use them as handholds. We shimmeyed along we climbed upstream a bit more until we got to this slide bit and we all went down soaking our feet in the process then we got to through the keyhole. It was this tiny space you had to slither through while a waterfall was cascading over you. Some people did,nt do it . We went on for a bit until we got to a sheer cliff face we had to climb up it using a rope . We then got up to the top of gorge and there was a path back down to the graveyard .We were all soaked we climbed into the van and trundled away . Coll P6C

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