Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The boltic gorge walk!


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Gorge walk

Unexpectedly we went on the Baltic droopy gorge in the afternoon.
I felt as nervous as ever, but as soon as we got on the bus I got really excited. As we got there we abandoned the mini bus and set off to the gorge. We went up the graveyard and there was a little hole to the gorge. We went down that one by one. Eventually we started walking up the gorge. We discovered there was a tree that looked like an elephant; we used it to help us get up higher. After some time after walking and walking we slid down a bit of the gorge and when it was my turn, I got extremely wet because of the deep bit of water, I got splashed plus my waterproofs inflated. Soon we reached the keyhole the keyhole is a big hole that you can climb up and there’s gushing water rushing down. I made a wise diction not to go under the keyhole. Since I decided not to go under it I had to climb on a log and slid up to were the rest of my team was. As soon as everyone was there we dragged our selves up even higher until we reached under Africa I didn’t do that either! . Eventually we got to the top and then we crossed the gorge and walked to the mini bus. I was relived when we got back in the used to be abandoned mini bus and went back to the centre cause I we were all drenched and needed some warm cloths.

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