Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Although I’m scared I have to over come my fears of Abseiling; were starting of in a climbing area were we learn to use all the climbing equipment and then were ready. Its time to do the climbing and Abseiling now
Eyvindur has just gone down and he was shouting words of encouragement at me and Jude’s saying words of encouragement as well so I decided to do it. As I leaned over the cliff I got a thrill of excitement. When I got closer to the ground it got much more bumpier but Eyvindur told me were to put my foot and then I got faster and faster until I hit the muddy saturated ground. And then it was my turn for the rock climbing and the best thing was that it was right next to the cliff and there was lots of little hand hols in the wall so that made it easier but there was one bit were everybody struggled but I made my own technique and it was called right,left,right and it worked. Well that’s enough for me so we went home.

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