Tuesday, 13 March 2012

caving by mairi

Wow I can’t believe how much I enjoyed caving; I thought I’d be scared in such small space however now I love being in small spaces. Strangely my favourite parts were when the blue rope lowered me down and wiggled through tiny gaps, most people hated those bits.
After everyone had got to the bottom of the tiny gap (where you have to wiggle) I was last and I went over a spiky rock I thought it was fine although when I got out the cave and I noticed
That my trousers had ripped!
Group 9 which was my group went into two caves the first one was just small and cramped however the second one you got lowered down by a long spindly rope the cave was dark, also some of the torches didn’t work. Caving took about two and a half hours, once we got out the cave we had to walk down a monstrous hill to get back down to the muddy mini bus. When we got back home tea and cake was waiting for us the chocolate cake melted in my mouth the icing was creamy and also melted in my mouth. After a while we all went to our cosy beds and snuggled up in our warm blankets and waited for the next epic day.

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