Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Orienteering with Eve & Angelina in Group 3 By Holly

"Right guys, this morning we're gonna go Orienteering!" said Euan our instructor. I heard some groans and sighs from behind me. I'll admit I wasn't particularly excited about going orienteering, but was sure I would find it fun when we started; well, we''ll see about that! Euan led us through to the Lecture Room, where we all pulled up a chair to a small table in the middle in the room. He opened a cupboard and pulled out a yellow file filled with hundreds of sheets of paper. All of us sat around the table for around twenty minutes so we could get the hang of setting map, before we went out in our groups to get started. In my group was Eve & Angelina ( I was glad about that!). After a while we finally stood up and wandered through to the main hall. Having decided I was determined to win, I ran all the way, unfortunately though,we came 4th place out of 5 groups! And we weren't any luckier on the big orienteer!

For the big orienteer, we started at the corner of a road which led of to a long pathway called Puddle Lane. The reason it was called Puddle Lane was because it had the most humoungous puddles you had ever seen! We set off down the lane one group at a time. My group went second, with the other group close behind. No-one could find the first clue though! It was well hidden behind a post, which Angelina found.
"Got it! the letters are M, O and N!"

"I'm so (pant pant) tired!" Angelina gasped.
"And so hungry!" I replied. We stared at Eve happily skipping off in the distance.
"uhhhhhhhhh soooooo hungry!" Angelina whined.
At last we saw Iona (our other instructor) standing by a gate waiting for us.
"YESSSSSSS!" Angelina cried.
"Come on guys! the quicker you are the quicker you will get your lunch!" Iona cheered us on.
When we got back to the centre we went straight to the dining room and had a well earned lunch!

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