Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Caving with group 8 by Charlotte Arah P6C

As the bus pulled up we were all very confused; we were in the middle of nowhere! we hopped off the bus with Brea and Ela- who are both Thea our instructors dogs- and waited for Thea';(Thea is a caring instructor, though she can be a bit shouty if you get on the wrong side of her) orders. "We are going to climb the grassy mountainside on the side of the road to our caves," Thea had said. And with that we set off, scrabbling up the steep hill, clambering over collapsed trees. In the end we got to the first of our caves. Well, it wasn't very much of a cave. it was more of a tunnel. We all lined up and clambered through one by one. Finally it was my go! I got down on all fours and squelched through. By the time I was through I was absolutely covered in mud! It took forever for the others to get through and when they were finally out we dordeled along to our second cave. Before very long we were there and after a little chit-chat we all clambered in. The further in you got the darker it got. There were a few tricky parts including a part where you had to climb up, a part where you had to slide down on your belly and a part where you had to side step along. After a while we saw a glimmer of light and the cave ended. Then we wandered along to our next location. First we had to walk, slowly, down a slope of rocks which led into a deep ravine. But we weren't going into the ravine. we were going into a side tunnel. You had to climb in and scrabble down on your stomach. Apparently there was some king who lived in that cave with the crown jewels. Finally we had to kick our selves out, climb back down the hill and clamber into the mini bus. I will never forget that day because it was sooooooooooooo fun! Luckily I'm going to Boroughmuir high and they go back so I hope to see Benmore then

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