Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Going Caving with Group 9 by Matthew mcConville p6c

Today the whole of group 9 went caving.On the way we listened to BBC radio 2. It was only about a 10 minute drive and then a 10 minute hike up a vast hill.Fortunately we made it up the colossal hill.Now that we're here we get passed harnesses to attach to a rope which lowered us down into a cave.Esther got lowered down first.just then I had realised that it was my turn get lowered down into what seemed like a layer. Suddenly I felt the ground of the dark gloomy cave.A few minutes later everyone got lowered down. We started to shuffle along.Just then i got warned about a 5 foot drop.The good thing was that it had a rope the bad thing was we were not allowed to attach to the rope.I held on for dear life ONE...TWO...THREE SWING!!!! i landed with a THUD then it was just a little walk though the cave.

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