Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Benmore Climbing and Abseiling

Climbing and Abseiling
At Benmore

In the afternoon, Group 5, my group, went Climbing and Abseiling. Despite the horrible rain, grey sky and mist, the brave group adventured out to the mini-buses. After about 3 minutes, the bold group 5 abandoned the mini-bus and set off into the indoor climbing walls. Then, the music was cued, and a game was played. Later, on Thursday, every school camper would attend a school disco. However, right now they were just practising their moves. Angela, the instructor, would play a song, and once the music was stopped, you would have to jump onto the nearest wall.

With the warm-up out of the way, the brave, brave we sauntered out to board the mini-bus yet again and face the
Cliff face. As soon as we got out, we were handed a piece of equipment (either rope or a metal thingy) and were lead off, up the cliff face.

One at a time, we were called over to the edge and were told to lean over and start walking down the cliff face. Eventually, after yells of encouragement, we were all eventually safe on the ground.

By Daisy Phillip


  1. I think you have put alot of effort into this Daisy. I love your post, please be my bff, your epic, rock on dudess!!!!!!!! :)