Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Wet walking (Group8)

On Thursday 9th of Febuary 2012, my group (group 8) went gorge walking.
First we got on the mini-bus not knowing that the activity ahead was full of wetness. In the warmth of the mini-bus, Thea was telling us how wet we were going to ge BUMP!!!!! The mini-bus went over a crack in the road.
Then it went over another one and another one so our determined instructor gave up.

After a while we arrived at a very spooky graveyard! Once we were ready we followed Thea and told Sasha to be quite on his story of how trees and the world started!

Then we started the walk. The first bit was harder than it should have because trees had fallen on the gorge.

After what felt like a minute we were halfway up. At one point there was a tree trunk that looked like a elephant but it helped us cross so it was a good elephant.

Then   a few seconds later we had to go through the keyhole one by one!

After that my feet were more  wet than my whole life’s wetness!! But I carried on! Then we had to climb across a large rock!!! IT WAS EPIC!!!

Finally we reached the end of the walk. Thea went first to show us what to do then I went first. First you had to bounce up and catch the rope and walk up the rest, holding the rope.

Then we went on the water slide! Looking forward to a hot shower when we got back!!!!!

Great day for group 8


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