Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gorge walking by Eve Petrie

When i first arrived at Benmore i could not wait to get the chance to do the Gorge walk,despite that after most of the people in my dorm had told me (and this was said by Millie) "Never ever go on the gorge walk ,Eve it's HORRIBLE!"However when my in instuctor (Euan) said we were going on the gorge walk i was still raring to go.My group (group 3) piled onto the small white minibus, all of us eager to get to the ledgendary gorge.We had reached our destination  but first we had to quietly creep round the edge of a grave yard.Before very long we were at the stuning gorge .Now i bagan to venture up the roots,rocks and tree trunks, while trying to avoid the crystal clear water below.

we had to grap a hold of tree trunks that had collased over the water. Then we came to a tree leaning over the gorge  whitch Euan said was called the elephant (because it was shaped like the trunk of an elephant)
we had hug the elephant to stedy 

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