Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Gorge Walk

It all started on the bus, we were all singing three little angels.  It is an 8 verse song with no real chorus.When we were done we arrived and ventured into the gorge (after we walked through the graveyard).  

Eventually we started and Kris said "don't get wet yet!" and I replied "you're a poet and you don't know it" but unfortunately nobody laughed.  

First wet was Isla who tripped and fell gorge wise.  Next was Olivia splashed by the momentum  of her fall.  Adam was after that when a loose log underfoot.  Freddie's fall was just after I slipped, we all got wet as we climbed the slippy slidy dam.

Log, Log, Log, huuuuuuu... really boring! Over!  Whoo running around on the rocks.  then we went through the aggresively  savage cold key hole.  emerging from the gorge, we made it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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