Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Danny - Mountain Biking

Awesome Mountain Biking by Danny Hendry
Today we were told that we were doing mountain biking. I was really excited. At first we had to get the bikes and yellow jackets. Mr Wallace our active school teacher came with us as well. We had to wait a while until we got our bikes and yellow jackets. As soon as we got our bikes we had to test the gears.To test them we had to go up a small hill and then down it.My gears worked majestically. Finally we set off,Jude in front and Coll behind.We came to a steep hill and I went very fast down it. Soon we crossed a tiny bridge and at the other side we got to do smashing tricks. Near the end we went off road and into the dark woods.It was very bumpy and Dawood smashed his leg off a rock hard tree.Ouch! At last we were out of the woods and heading home.Right at the end we were all tired but still had to wash our bikes before we could go. I thought it was AWESOME!

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