Tuesday, 13 March 2012

High Ropes with group 1 by Rosie

My group (group one) started the afternoon by getting our kit on for the ropes course! Buzzing with excitement we all squeezed into the tiny store room and it was at that point I really felt for our instructors Dave and Scrutts. Trying to heard ten hyper-active children around a maze of equipment - poor guys.

Laden down with equipment and ropes of all kind, we were ready to hit the course! After going for about a minute and a half (give or take) group one were facing the mighty structure that was the high ropes! Setting up camp at a near by bench, Scrutts led us over to the low ropes. Everyone was having fun practising their skills and having a giggle but we all secretly longed to let our agitated feet take control and sprint across to the high course!

At long last Dave gave us the signal and we all bounded over. One by one harnesses were put on and it was safe to climb! At the Cat Walk section I was picked to go first. I guess you could say it was scary but excitement ruled that out!The ladder was wet and slippery which made it extremely difficult to grip! After an ungraceful struggle, I was standing ,OK wobbling, at the first beam and staring back at me without an ounce of sympathy was the extremely intimidating Cat walk! (A long beam that stretched across two of the four poles that held up the whole course.) But then came the deeply saddening call from Dave. I had to full power sprint across the whole thing! Reluctantly I began to pick up speed and eventually was clinging to the end pole. Reaching out one trembling arm I grasped the first hand hold. Still trembling I managed to make it to the top. The weird thing was the atmosphere. It was quiet and eerie which made everything seem peaceful and remote. But then not so peacefully I was told by Dave to disco dance half way across and then koala roll along the whole thing. Soon I was back to reality and soon after that everyone else was too.

We then moved onto the trapeze and I was with Asiyah. We managed to climb up with ease and than actually catch the pole! Unfortunately the shell shock from being so high up prevented us from doing flips so we were lowered back to earth and given a plastic cup in which boiling creamy hot chocolate was poured. Practically in hailing the tasty liquid our whole group felt refresh and ready for tea and cake- good day all round!

By Rosie

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