Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ropes Course with Group 1

Today we went to the ropes course, which everybody was looking forward to. First in the back yard were we put on a harness to go on our legs and blue helmets. Then we set off on the five-minute walk to the ropes course.

Firstly we went on the low ropes which had different things in a rectangle including a line of tyre's we walked across. Once everybody had completed the circuit. Our instructor Scrutts  told us all to go on a log in the middle. While he put a wooden platform together at the other side and we had to swing across on to it. We had to try and fit all ten of us on the small platform which we succeeded in doing until the last person Millie who in landing knocked some of us off.

After that we went over to the high ropes were Scrutts explained to us the three things of which we could choose two of. The three options were the catwalk, postman's walk and the trapeze.I choose the catwalk and trapeze.

First I went on the catwalk where Dave our other instructor was helping us. Rosie went first then it was my turn. I started the climb up the ladder u towards the first log. When I got to the log I ran across adventurously. At the end was footholds in the pole holding it up.So I walked up to the next log .

At last I was in the middle unfortunately my turn was nearly up when it had just began. In the middle I did a koala roll . Which is when you sit down on the log and wrap your arms and legs around it. This looks like your hugging a log which is basically what you're doing. Lastly you twist round and at that point I fell of.

Afterwards we had hot chocolate which warmed us to the bone. Millie was having her o on the trapeze while we were drinking. And we counted her in fort he jump .

After a while it was me and Rosie's turn. First Rosie climbed up the me. At the top was a small rectangular shaped platform. The platform was just big enough for us both to stand on.

We were ready to jump "1 2 3 ", bellowed everybody fro below. 'JUMP!' We jumped ...
Both me and Rosie flew through the air . It was the most  exhilarating part of the week.We caught it!We caught the pole dangling in front of us.

Lastly we tried to turn upside down while o the pole like Olive and Hannah had done before us.But We both Epicily failed.

So we jumped down and Scrutts lowered us down to the ground. the ropes course was my favorite activity of the week and I'm sure others in my group would agree.


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