Tuesday, 13 March 2012

climbing and abseiling-By Elsa

Another thing I enjoyed about Benmmore was climbing and abseiling. Never in my live I have done climbing and abseiling however, I enjoyed it a lot. I was really scared about climbing and abseiling but I did it! Strangely enough it was my favourite activity because I had never done it before but I just seemed to enjoy it.
After we got off the bus, I put my harness on and waited for my instructor to say my name then I got to climb. I climbed up a rock face and if I fell a blue rope would pull me up. Afterwards I did abseiling a red rope lowered me down, and then I had to let go of a bit of the black rope and lean back and abseil.
When we went inside to do climbing I actually thought it was harder inside than outside. I started on the easiest wall however I slipped once inside but Iona (one of my instructors) pulled me up aging. Then I went onto the harder wall I could not get up to the top because there was a bit that was sticking out (you will see if you go to Benmore) and I could not get over it.
I thought climbing and abseiling was really fun and Benmore was too.

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